Digital Pocket Scales

Digital Pocket Scales-Tiny but not Trivial

Digital pocket scales find a great variety of uses despite their incredibly small size. They are so small and light weight that they just fit into your pocket or purse.

Of the pocket scales available on the market today, you’ll find that the Fast Weigh M-500 Digital Pocket Scale, 500 by 0.1 G, by American Weigh, is a worthwhile choice. You’ll be surprised by the little weighing scale that has been engineered to perfection.

Uses of Digital Pocket Scales

You can use the digital pocket scale to weigh:

  • Small food items like nuts and berries
  • Small quantities of herbs
  • Small packages and envelopes
  • Coins
  • Little beads in jewelry
  • 18-carat gold watches and pieces of jewelry
  • Chemicals
  • Tea and other spices

There may be many more items that you could think of weighing using this digital pocket scale.

Merits of the pocket scale

The Fast Weigh digital pocket scale is a very useful scale that offers the following benefits to the user:

  • Compact, light-weight but sturdy, and accurate
  • Can be stacked away anywhere because of its size
  • Weighs upto a maximum weight of 500 grams which is quite good for such a small scale
  • Has a good resolution and performs well
  • Requires little or no set up
  • Comes in handy when you are travelling. Health conscious people on the move in particular benefit from this scale
  • Starts up quickly and can be easily operated
  • Easy to clean
  • The removable plastic cover protects the scale when it is not in use and when you want to use it, doubles as an expansion tray, especially for objects like watches
  • LCD screen with a bright backlight that displays easy-to-read numbers
  • Gives great value for its affordable price
  • The scale comes with 2 AAA batteries
  • 5 year warranty is a big plus for this small and inexpensive scale
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Shows the weight in both ounces and grams
  • Tips to make the digital pocket scale work well
  • As it is too small, you have to ensure that it stands on a hard and even surface
  • Put a penny on it and if it weighs 2.5 grams, it is a good scale
  • The batteries come wrapped up in plastic, probably to avoid leakage or for longer shelf-life, so the plastic has to be removed from the batteries before you start using them.

To sum it all up, the Fast Weigh digital pocket scale is a tiny marvel that comes for an incredibly low price and works great.